Floor Plans

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft. Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor PlanThe Abby Bed/Bath1 / 1 733Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,488 -to $1,833 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Adelaide Bed/Bath1 / 1 776Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,152 -to $1,297 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Algers Bed/Bath1 / 1 910Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,350 -to $1,439 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Anvers Bed/Bath1 / 1 877Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,284 -to $1,375 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Ashton Bed/Bath1 / 1 925Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,304 -to $1,417 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Amsterdam Bed/Bath1 / 1 1,110Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,400 -to $1,500 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Angora Bed/Bath1 / 1 1,036Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,348 -to $1,437 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Antioch Bed/Bath1 / 1 1,037Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,378 -to $1,466 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Athens Bed/Bath1 / 1 1,107Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,312 -to $1,413 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Arlon Bed/Bath1 / 1 807Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,267 -to $1,354 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Ashby Bed/Bath1 / 1 788Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,522 -to $1,766 Deposit Next Available March 29, 2022

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft. Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor PlanThe Beaumont Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,393Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,475 -to $1,628 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Belfort Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,433Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,532 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Benjamin Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,462Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,616 -to $1,719 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Bonneville Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,548Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,642 -to $1,779 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Bordeaux Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,540Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,850 -to $1,957 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Bromberg Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,427Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,587 -to $1,692 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Baltic Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,318 -to 1,319Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,701 -to $2,105 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Barcelona Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,282Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,650 -to $1,746 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Bristol Bed/Bath2 / 2 1,299Square Foot Monthly Rent$1,555 -to $1,658 Deposit

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft. Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor PlanThe Savoy Bed/Bath3 / 2 1,672Square Foot Monthly Rent$2,164 -to $2,286 Deposit

Floor PlanThe Yorkshire Bed/Bath3 / 2 1,619Square Foot Monthly Rent$2,153 -to $2,346 Deposit

Rates and availability are subject to change without notice. Please ask our leasing consultants about current specials. Furniture is for illustration purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the electrical plan for the suite. Suites are leased unfurnished. Features, finishes, sizes and specifications subject to change without notice, E. & O.E. The dimensions shown on this plan are approximate only. Actual useable floor space within the unit may vary from any stated floor areas or dimensions on this plan.